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256 Meg USB Pen Drive

Product Information:
 Age: All
 Part Number: USB040
 Platform: Hybrid
Price: $89.95
Status: 3 in stock
  Weight: 2 lbs.
Other Titles:
64 Meg USB Pen Drive 29.95
128 Meg USB Pen Drive 49.95
512 Meg USB Pen Drive 149.95
32 Meg USB Pen Drive 19.95

No more carrying around works in a laptop computer and no more floppy disks required. The Pen Drive is your solution, the Pen Drive is the future. Carry a HUGE amount of data with you--right in your pocket or on your key chain--with one of these USB hard drives. Each is smaller than a pack of gum and virtually weightless!

  • Support Flash ROM ( EEPROM ) for In-System Programming through USB Port that can update the system firmware anywhere and anytime for the security demand.
  • Transfer Rate for USB Interface: "Full speed" Up to 12Mbits/sec.
  • Support Specification Reversion 1.1.
  • Get powered directly from USB port; no external power or batteries.
  • Support the Power Saving Mode to reduce the power consumption while using Pen Drive in the mobile equipment.
  • It comes in various storage capacities of 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB,
  • Windows 98/Windows 95 OSR2 (with USB Driver).
  • Suport Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac OS (ver. 9.0 or above) and Linux kernel version 2.4.0 or above without driver.
  • Provide LED indicator while Pen Drive is busy.

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