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512 Meg USB 2.0 Pen Drive

Product Information:
 Age: All
 Part Number: USB082
 Platform: Hybrid
Price: $179.95
Status: 10 in stock
  Weight: 2 lbs.
Other Titles:
128 MB Pen Drive 2.0 69.95
256 Meg USB 2.0 Pen Drive 109.95
The PenDrive® 2.0 is a removable flash disk drive with USB connection and can support up to 1GB disks space, which is 711x1.44MB floppy disk. PenDrive® 2.0 is compatible with USB 2.0 specification and it is also compatible with USB 1.1 specification. PenDrive® is a plug and play device. simply plug it into any USB port and it will automatically detected by the computer as another drive. Now you can read, write, copy, delete and move data from your hard disk drive to PenDrive® or from PenDrive® to your hard disk drive with the high speed of USB 2.0. PenDrive® is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere in your pocket. It comes in various storage capacities, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB. Now, you don't have to carry a laptop computer with you to work if you have access to a computer. Bring your data only. Moreover, PenDrive® does not require any battery or software drivers (driverless in Windows® Me/2000/XP, Mac® 8.6/9.x/10.x and Linux kernel 2.4.0 or above) nor cables, and is compatible with any desktop or notebook computers with USB port. Experience the light weighter, compact design, high performace and fast data transfer with USB 2.0 and PenDrive® 2.0.
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